Build your own Simpit Shell

Do you want to fly? At home? Using a flight simulator?

Sure you do. But it not really very realistic , is it?

I disagree…

With a home-built fully enclosed cockpit shell, 2018 computer technology and modern 64-bit flight simulator software, you can get very close indeed to fooling yourself that you are actually flying.

What you need to do is to build a Simpit – a Flight Simulator Cockpit Shell.

finished flight simulator cockpit

The shell houses your monitors, computers and peripherals while resembling the business-part of the aircraft from outside.
Of course, everyone wants a slightly different or even unique setup – some want a simple system powered by just one computer, while others are interested in multi-computer, multi-monitor systems. Some are interested in bush flying, while others fancy the big airliner cockpits. Some are studying for their PPL (Private pilot’s License) or CPL(commercial Pilot’s License) or ATPL (Air Transport Pilot Licence) , while others just want to play. The Simpit shell is to a large extent independent of what you build into it – it is merely a robust structure to house the system.

The problem is that it’s a complicated process to build a robust shell to house everything effectively – that’s where I come in…

Over a period of three years (full time), I have designed a cockpit which can be built at home to house your simulator equipment, whatever that may be.

FS-Elite Article
Here’s an article on FS-ELITE about my cockpit kit and how it came about.

The exterior is modeled on a Cessna 172 (life size) while the interior can be whatever you like.

There are two ways to build this shell:

Purchase the 840-page E-Book at Simmarket – it’s got everything you need but it’s very concise.


Sign up for a membership subscription which gives you a lot more information and instruction, spread out  in weekly digestible chunks. Half way through the subscription, you get the big E-Book as part of your membership benefit, anyway. This is the way to go if you feel this huge project is just a bit overwhelming. With a membership subscription, I am with you, talking to you, encouraging you every week!
Click here to see all the details about the different plans I offer for Membership Subscriptions 

For more details about the big simpit E-Book, click here.