We can’t help everyone,
But everyone can help someone

Ronald Reagan
I’m Dave Britzius – a.k.a. Scruffy Fluffy

After wasting 63 years surviving and chasing money and who knows what else, I came to a really low point in my life. My wife died of cancer. The shock made me take serious stock of my life. I sold my house in the big city and moved to a small sleepy seaside town called Yzerfontein on the West Coast of South Africa. And for the last 5 years I have been doing what I really always wanted to do – learning to become a competent 3D technical artist.

This town is nothing special. In itself it cannot teach me how to make that equisit model. It’s just an ordinary place with good people and bad. People with peace in their hearts and others with problems. And yet, this place is special. Long beaches where you can walk for hours and never see a soul; hiking trails, made of crushed seashells lovingly cared for by someone – I have no idea who. A place where everyone waves when passing and most people are only too happy to stop for a chat.

This is a place to stop and think. A walk on the beach soon yields an idea of how to fix that boolean mess-up. This little village atmosphere helps me clear my head when I just can’t get that shading issue right.

This blog is just me sharing some thoughts about how to approach being an effective 3D artist . Take those thoughts if they resonate with you, ignore them if they don’t. You’ll find many basic simple explanations on my site ScruffyFluffy3D.com, and a step-by step record of more complex large projects on ScruffyFluffy.net.

Please feel free to leave a comment on a post, or click here to contact me privately.