Paid Support

This book is popular and there are many people building their cockpits. Some are close to the original generic design and some have some large modifications. My job is to assist you building your cockpit, but in order to be effective I have to eat as well, so we need to work out a fair and equitable solution.

I have found that the easiest and cheapest way to do this is for you to send me some money directly to my PayPal account.  This how it works:

  • You decide how many hours of my time you will need (you will already have a good idea how my support works when you used up your two free hours, so you will have a good idea how much of my time you might need)
  • You choose  a bundle of hours (there are significant discounts for larger quantities). See below for prices.
  • You go to Paypal and pay the cost of the bundle into my PayPal account ( via your credit card or your own Paypal account.
  • PayPal will immediately notify me and I will send you a voucher for those hours.
  • There is no expiry date on hours bought – you can claim all of them or just some of them  at any time

Current Hourly Bundle Prices:

1 hour = EUR 40.00 or US$ 50.00 or GBP 35.00

2 Hours = EUR 72.00 or US$ 90.00 or GBP 63.00

4 Hours = EUR 120.00 or US$ 150.00 or GBP 105.00

10 Hours = EUR 280.00 or US$ 350.00 or GBP 245.00

Will I rip you off?

It works on a trust basis – you have no way of determining how long I spend answering
your question, or researching the answer, or producing a design change. I will, however, account for my time as best I can. Again from the quality of support you got for your first free two hours, you should have a good idea how you will be treated.

Please note, direct private support from me only works via e-mail.
Telephone, Skype, Whatsapp or other methods are just NOT OK  because:

  • I need to keep a record of what we discussed; and
  • I feel that a well-thought out reply is better than an “off the cuff” one; and
  • I am one single person – I do not employ full-time staff.  So I will answer emails when I can, but an instant response is often inconvenient or impossible. I am located in Cape Town and I will normally answer e-mail only during our business hours.

What can I do for you?

  • I can give you woodwork advice about how to make the cockpit parts.
  • I can design a woodwork jig for you.
  • I can give you woodwork advice.
  • I can try to modify a part(s) of this cockpit to fit a specific item that you have.
  • I can give you a general shopping list of the computer components required
    for the agreed simulator.
  • I can give you a specific shopping list extracted from the items offered at
    a particular online computer store of your choice.
  • I can give you a shopping list of the additional stuff that you will need that
    is not computer related.
  • I can offer you an advisory service – how to configure the computers and
    the network so as to make them work together properly with your flightsim
    software (be it X-Plane, or P3D or FSX or Flightsimworld or whatever)
  • I can work with you to set up your specific equipment for optimum frame

What I cannot do for you:

  • I cannot assemble the computers or the flight simulator for you. (Unless, of course,  you are prepared to pay for my time, transport and accommodation!)
  • I cannot build your cockpit for you.
  • I cannot fix your computers (although I can guide you through a fault-finding