Free Support Voucher

Thank you for purchasing my book.

You will no doubt have lots of questions or ideas to modify your own cockpit.

There are two main sources of help:

  • The forum which is open to anyone. There you may post questions or problems and I (or someone else) will answer. The answer will be available for everyone to see. This would typically be used for comments, ideas, or requests for clarification.
  • The second line of support is a private channel to me where I can help you with advice or modifications. As a purchaser, you are entitled to 2 effective hours of my time totally dedicated to any topic you feel I can help you with. These two hours would typically be used:
    1] to design alternative parts to replace the generic parts supplied in the E-Book; or
    2] to request me to create a specification for the flight simulator hardware and software according to your budget; or
    3] to request me to create a shopping list for an online computer retailer.

To activate your two free hours, please send me a copy of the invoice that Simmarket sent you and I will get into email contact with you.

Please note, direct private support from me only works via e-mail.
Telephone, Skype, Whatsapp or other methods are just NOT OK  because:

  • I need to keep a record of what we discussed; and
  • I feel that a well-thought out reply is better than an “off the cuff” one; and
  • I am one single person – I do not employ full-time staff.  So I will answer emails when I can, but an instant response is often inconvenient or impossible. I am located in Cape Town and I will normally answer email only during business hours.

If you need more of my individual time, please understand that I have to eat. You can easily purchase a cachet of hours.
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