Experience a Life-Sized Cockpit

How would you like to have an hour in a multi-monitor fully-enclosed life-sized flight simulator cockpit?


Just for fun. No charge! No obligation!

The simpit that I (Dave Britzius) have been talking about for so long is now fully operational.

  • It is powered by six computers using X-Plane 11 as a simulator software basis.
  • It has a Pilot and Co-Pilot seat and controls;
  • It has three wrap-around monitors, It has one big instrument screen;
  • It has two screens mounted in the doors;
  • It has a Hi-Fi sound system.

dave britziusIf you are in the Cape Town area, simply send me an email and make an appointment to come and experience what flight simulation in 2018 is all about.

Ok, Dave, c’mon now… No charge? People charge big bucks for simulator time – what’s the catch?

Business is business – true; and yes, I have to eat.

But this is called marketing.

I sell high-end computer hardware for gamers and flight simulation. I sell a service helping you get started with flight simulation. I supply simulators which may be as simple as a PC on the desktop or as complex as a fully equipped multi-computer multi-monitor simpit.

I obviously want you as a customer so what’s wrong with inviting you over to to get a taste of simulated flight which is so real nowadays it’s astonishing.

Warning: Once you have experienced it, you’ll be hooked…

Email me and make an appointment. I’d love to meet you.

“No way”, you may be thinking – “I’ll be obligated”.

No you wont. But I’m banking on you telling your friends how blown-away you were…