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Tips for Suitable Monitors in a Flight Simulation Cockpit

The first tip is very important – one of the first purchases that need to be made when building a flight simulator cockpit is the monitor set. If you buy a set of identical monitors all at the same time you have the best chance of a consistent image when it is spread across those monitors.

Pic of image across 3 monitors
When an image is displayed across three or more monitors, they need to be identical. (Note, more than 3 monitors will necessitate multi-computers – you can’t really stretch a single image across more than three monitors – the distortion would become unacceptableble).

It’s an obvious tip when you think about it, but in actual practice, when I am called in to build a simulator and the client has already purchased the hardware, inevitably the selected monitors are not identical.

There are two other tips that are relevant:

In the old days it was necessary to remove the actual monitor from the plastic bezel, but nowadays it is possible to purchase monitors with very thin bezels like this:

Pic of Monitor with thin bezel
A monitor with a very thin bezel surrounding the picture area

The other tip is something you need to watch out for but is difficult to ascertain if you are buying online. The stand needs to be removable without leaving a stub which can interfere with the mounting of the monitor. In the picture below the stand is removed but it is difficult (and sometimes impossible) to get rid of a piece jutting out:

Pic of monitor with stand removed
The stand can be removed, but a piece still juts out, which can be difficult to remove.

Ideally you need to get hold of a monitor which can be wall-mounted, because then the stand will be easily removable and also have 4 threads to bolt to a cockpit support beam like this:

Picture of monitor rear showing wall mounting threads
This monitor has had the stand completely removed and provides not only 4 threads for wall mounting, but also some socket threads from the stand itself.